how to lose weight without exercise

How to lose weight without exercise

Simple ways to lose weight

How to lose weight fast

In our days we can identify a lot of sources with real info and tips about how to lose weight without exercise or different courses related to the weight loss management niche or industry. If you are not a very active person, but you want to lose some weight, here some ideas how to do it without exercising.

  • Video Games

No matter if you fence, box, dance or play virtual tennis , basketball or any other sport, studies shown that people who walked, ran or climbed on a special mat, during a virtual game, did more exercises than the ones spending the same amount of time on a treadmill.

So, if you choose to play active games , you’re more likely to do more exercise.

  • Chores

You love doing two things at once? Then you’ll get an workout while you are washing or waxing the car, or while you clean the gutters or even when you are moping or vacuuming the floors.

So, with this “moderate” workout, you’ll get in better shape and also a clean car or house, so you’ll get a mental well-being, too.

  • Gardening

You might think that gardening is not exercising. But if you dig, bend and clip around the garden fro about 30 minutes, then you’ll get a decent workout. Here you can use some of the latest gadgets and accessories, try to found some great items at Coola Saker.

You may even get in a better mood from all the sun and nature. But, if you don’t have a garden of yours, you should consider volunteering at a community garden.

  • Sex

It’s common knowledge that during sex you burn around 5 calories a minute. Also, you will use the same oxygen as if you were racking the leaves in the garden. It also may prevent heart disease, but only if you are in a healthy relationship 🙂

  • how to lose weight without exerciseGeocaching

If you like to take a walk and have a purpose in the same time, look online for secret “geocache” spots in you city or in parks or along hiking trails.

Try to learn more about weight management and to practice after one scheduled routine, on daily or weekly basis. You follow some clues which usually are GPS coordinates to track them down and in the end you can find prizes or you sign your name in a journal that proves you’ve been there.

  • Dancing

You cand go dancing in a club with your friends or you can do it by yourself. Dancing can tone your muscles and also strengthen your heart and lungs. Also is good for your mind and spirit.

  • Take That Meeting on the Go

When you have to talk work with a co-worker , hit the trail or the sidewalk and you’ll kill two birds with one stone. You’ll get your exercise done and also you’ll have a creative meeting. But try to keep it in two or three person otherwise you may not really engage so well.

  • Join a Team

Whatever you want to exercise or you want to relax, for sure is a sports league in your area that you can join.  In this way it’s more likekly that you’ll be there because yout teammates will count on you. It’s good for you mind too because the heat of competition could make you forget that you are getting a workout.

  • Outdoor Sports

If you like to be outside, but don’t want to join a team, then go to the park. For sure you’ll find a pickup same that you can join : soccer, frisbee, touch football, voley. Even playing catch with some kids, will get you moving around. Don’t forget about spinning bike!

  • Indoor Sports

You don’t like hot or cold weather? In this case you can do indoor sports like raquetball, basket ball or voley ball and also many outdoor sports like swimming, soccer or tennis.

  • Interval Training

You can have three 20 second sprints intervals like running or cycling and it will get you the same benefit as a 50 minute jog. That means that you’ll need only 10 minutes of your time for this workout. Start slow and ask your doctor if is ok for you if you haven’t worked out in a while.

  • Walking

You can do  it even if you are not in the park. When you go to the store park at the back of the parking lot, or walk to your co-worker to tell him something instead of sending him an email. When you take out the trash, go around the block. All those steps add up and you have a decent workout time.

  • Martial Arts

You can get into shape and learn how to defend yourself in the same time. This sport helps you focus your attention and also it may keep your brain sharper than other sports. As long as you train with a qualified instructor, sports like karate, judo or taekwondo are safe for.

You need to stay in shape and leave a healthy life so try to find out what is the exercise that you like to do and take action. Sedentary life is very dangerous for you and your body so try to take care of you.

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