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Are you always hungry?

Regarding your healthy eating habits you must know that there are some reasons why you feel always hungry – please read carefully and try to understand some of these points of view.

  • Something you hate

You had a doughnut at work? It was too good to be missed but now you want something else to eat. For the moment are very tasty, but sugary drinks, candies, and pastries don’t give you long lasting energy and so you get hungry really soon after you have them.

So, you better choose anything with fiber, whole grains , fruits or vegetables , healthy fats like : salmon, nuts or avocado and some lean protein ( eggs, beans or grilled chicken) – some of them can represent a wise investment related to your healthy eating habits.

  • You are  stressed

The first reaction of your body is to zap away hunger buy consuming a hormone called adrenaline. But, if you stay stressed for a while, your system will crank up another hormone – cortisol, which can make you eat everything you see.

When the stress will go, cortisol levels fall down and your appetite will go back to normal.Eating Habits

  • You’re Thirsty

Sometimes when you think that you are hungry, you are actually thirsty, to be more specific, you are dehydrated. So, it’s better to drink some water first – this can be a good decision when we discuss about eating habits.

Are you still hungry? That means that you really need to eat something, and because you have already drink a glass of water you may eat less than usual.

  • You “Spike” the blood sugar

When you eat sweets or starchy carb ( pastries, doughnuts, regular soda), your blood sugar level gets high at once. So your body releases insulin. Insulin is the hormone that helps your cells to store blood sugar for later or to use it as fuel for your activities.

But, the flood of sugar can force your body to produce too much insulin and that can lower the blood sugar and makes you very hungry.

  • Diabetes

Diabetes means that your body has an energy problem and you get hungry because your body thinks that you need more fuel and energy.

The real problem is that your body has big trouble changing food into fuel. “Polyphagia” means extreme hunger and is one symptom of diabetes.

If you have lost weight, you pee more and you feel tired all the time, talk to your doctor because you may have diabetes.

  • Your blood sugar is low

You might be hypoglycemic. That means there’s not enough energy, fuel or glucose in your blood and that makes you feel dizzy or tired or very weak.

That happens if you haven’t eaten within few hours. Your doctor may suggest that you eat some carbs when your blood sugar falls or you may take some medication to help you keep your blood sugar level in normal limits.

  • You are pregnant

Some moms-to-be feel hungry all the time. They also crave for new foods or even feel sick at the thought of the foods they used to love. If you think that is the reason before your hunger, buy a pregnancy test and take it or go to a doctor to confirm the results.Safety eating habits and behaviors

  • Eating too fast

When you finish your food “in a sec”, you don’t give your body enough time to realize that you’re full. Try to eat slowly. Is more satisfying and you eat less that usual. In the same time this will be very well regarding your weight loss purpose.

Take smaller bites, chew more and well and don’t forget to enjoy your food. After 20 minutes see if you’re still hungry.

  • Your food didn’t satisfy

Studies call that “satiety index”. Higher ranked food is better in satisfying your hunger even if they have the same calories. For example, roasted potatoes are more filling than fries.

So, pay attention to your food and satiety index – try to discover other points of view at In the same time be aware of unhealthy habits, some alternatives are available at Aladdins Vapor.

  • You saw or smelled tasty food

Maybe you’ve seen an ad for ice cram, or you have smelled fresh baked cookies. That’s enough to make you want to eat, even if you are not hungry. Try to be strong and not to eat at every “breath” you take.

Maybe you saw an ad about ice cream or smelled fresh-baked cookies as you walked by the market’s bakery. One option can be to organize very well your meal, some accessories or products related to this can be discovered at Bazaar Gadgets. That could be enough to make you want to eat, whether your body is hungry or not. Try to notice these triggers and then decide what you’re going to do.

  • Your emotions are in charge

Many of us turn to “comfort food” when we are upset or depressed or even bored. It is called emotional eating. If you are not really hungry, try to do something that you enjoy or try to talk to somebody, a friend or even a doctor.

  • You have thyroid problems

You may have an overactive thyroid, which is a condition that can make you nervous, tired and hungry all the time. Talk to your doctor, but thyroid problems usually are treated with drugs or surgery or both.

  • You take some medication

Some medicines can change your appetite. Usually, the one used to treat depression or mood disorders, some antihistamines, antipsychotis or corticosteroids.

Talk to your doctor if anything changes in your hunger level after starting taking your medication. Don’t stop taking your medicines on your own, that can be very dangerous for you and your life, discover more right here.

  • You don’t get enough sleep

If you don’t get enough sleep, the balance of hunger hormones can be changed and that can make you feel that you want to eat more or more often than the usual. You even may reach for snacks which have more calories and more fats but are more faster in satisfying your hunger.

Try to pay attention to your life and life habits because all of them can affect your eating customs. Try to have and live a healthy life in order to have a normal weight and to keep health problems away.

If you have more ideas about what makes us hungry, don’t be shy and get in touch with our team.

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