weight loss routine experience at home

Weight loss routine experience

Weight loss routine experience at home

The smart way to weight loss

Experience! What we all need!

For sure it happened to every rookie in no matter what field of work, going to an interview and no matter how good he or she was, it all came to the years of experience in that domain. So, from this point of view, this is the same when we discuss about weight loss routine experience.

When you are young, you always have to drive to work in the field that you strived for, you are fresh, you imagine the type of worker you will be and how many good things you will do, you are innovative and for sure, you are naive.

Even if you went to school for economics, or you took engineer courses, your father working in the real estate field, your mother being a teacher, no matter who taught you what you know or how to work and be successful one day, it all comes down to one thing when you go and apply for a job : EXPERIENCE! And, this is suitable to the weight loss management niche and industry, or for every workout program for weight loss.

We like to make this comparison between job experience and weight loss training because we must understand this all the time we must learn and work more for achieving our goals.

So, moving forward, except the companies that have a great junior achievement or good working trial programs , or the “Sent by God”  former college colleague who got a break and recommended you for that job, or the type of “I see a spark and I’ll follow my intuition”  interviewer type, everything related to job interviews when you are in your early twenties is related to experience. weight loss routine experience at home

Sometimes, we can say that the best exercises for weight loss are:

  • Lunges
  • Burpees
  • Squats
  • Double jump
  • High-intensity interval training one day a week and much more but, the main idea is that your need to practice every day and to learn and to gain experience one this direction.

Try to use only professional products, training equipment and safe accessories because this is very important. Time to time, it is good to make a good online research after such items, starting from tech and gadgets stores such as www.bazaargadgets.com or www.homespotsupplies.com

They ask for four years of experience or best case scenario, two, they don’t do the math ( I mean, he/she is twenty two now, 2 years of experience meaning she started working in the field at 20, but we need college education for this job so he/she might have worked during college in this field…. but how did he/she did that when every company in this field hires only experienced workers with a diploma?! )

Dear adults! You didn’t all have experience when you started your  ” on the subject of your diploma” first job!

Workout routines at home

You didn’t sell a house in your first week of being a real estate agent!

You didn’t sign contracts in your first day at the new office!

We are already misunderstood and confused, we don’t need more adults to tell us we’re not good enough, we don’t need more holes in the asphalt as we drive…. We just need a break !

We need someone who can tell us we can do it !

Someone who has the patience and the faith to teach us, to be leaders in our already foggy beginning, someone who makes us proud that we work in their company and makes us love what we do!

We live in this century with much more stress,  problems, and speed! Maybe we will be better than you, maybe we won’t … But if you see us being better than you and knowing you taught us this way, wouldn’t you be proud?!

You have  been here before, you know the works, we will not take your place if you teach us how to make our own !

So, please, create a new experience we all can be abundant just by having 🙂

So, like a final conclusion, try to read and learn more about your weight loss routine experience, get in touch with professionals and

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