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Weight loss diet – Errors that can affect it

Weight Loss Diets – Ten diet mistakes

If your favorite pair of pants won’t fit , or if the scale seems stuck or even your weight drops off and immediately back up, you probably make some weight loss diets mistakes . Here are 10 mistakes that can be made in a diet.

Using a crash diet

You have decided to lose some weight and you now turn to a crash diet. Are you eating only grapefruit and cabbage soup each day? You take your daily calories to less than 1,000 and sure enough the pounds melt away. But once you eat few calories your metabolism  trains to slow down too, so, once your diet is over you have a metabolism that burns calories more slowly and usually your body regains weight .

  • Skipp  Breakfast

You think that if you skip breakfast you cut down calories, but it also can make you hungry all day long – weight loss diets. That only makes you eat unplanned snacking and overlarge portion at lunch. Research have shown that people who eat breakfast every morning maintain more easy a healthy weight.

  • Don’t know how many snaks you eat?

Lossing track of your snack is a big error in your diet. You count calories at every meal you have but you don’t count the pretzels at work or a cake at a party or even a taste of your son’s icecream.

All those “innocent” adds could sabotage your well planned diet. if you want to count your calories, you should write down each bite that you have.

  • Not Snacking at All

While eating without thinking some snacks can harm your waist line , thinking good about snaking can do wonders. If you eat several small meals and snack, help you control your hunger  and also help you lose some weight – weight loss diet mistakes. Having protein rich snaking helps your weight control. Seems like people who snack nuts tend to be slimmer than the one’s who don’t.

  • Loading Up on Low-Fat

Low fat products are very important in your diet. but that doesn’t mean that you can eat piles of low fat cakes, because low fat doesn’t mean low on calories. So, check the labels of what you eat and so you’ll know how much fat, sugar and calories are eating.

  • Drinking Too Many Calories

You are counting the calories in your food but overlook the ones in your drinks. Some coffees and alcoholic drinks have more than 500 calories and even fruit juice calories can add up to your body.

  • Not Drinking Water

Drinking too little water is one of the simplest and bigest diet mistakes.  Water is essential in burning calories so try to add a glass of water to every meal and snack that you have during the day.

  • Not eating Dairy

Ditching diary foods may be bad for you and your body – weight loss diets. Some studies say that body burns more fat when it has enough calcium and produce fat when it is calcium deprived. So, instead of calcium supplemnts you can eat some diary, low fat if you want. Choose what you think is better for your body.

  • Going to fast food to often

You may go to drive thru or fast food restaurant and order salad or another healthier food but are you sure that you can resist to all the other “goodies” and treats?

According to some researches people who eat more than twice a week gained 10 more pounds than those who went less a week . So, try to cook your own food and go less to fast foods.

Setting Your Goals

Setting unrealistic goals is probably the way to failure. Try to have a diet that you can follow and be happy for losing even a few pounds and don’t give up if you think that you didn’t lost enough weight. If you are not able to do a diet don’t started. Before starting a diet is best to go to a dietitian and talk to him to see what is right for you, your body and your life style.


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