Best foods to keep in your fridge

Best foods to keep in your fridge

Foods to keep in your fridge

When we discuss about foods to keep in your fridge you must understand that this list is only one of our recommendations, you must update and complete this list in order to have a good life-style. You are hungry but in your fridge is nothing healthy. Try to have some healthy snack in your fridge for these moments when you want to eat something good and healthy and non-fatting.

Please read carefully our recommendations and send us your question for any future support.

  • Turkey

It’s a food very rich in high protein and low in fat and sodium. And it’s versatile too, you can wrap it in whole grain tortilla and you’ll have a healthy snack or o good lunch at work.

  • Salsa

You can make it yourself. It’s a healthy way to stay away from eggs dishes or soups and sauces. You can use it on salads instead of oily dressing that you usually use.

But, if you eat your salsa sauce with a bag of  salty and processed, fried corn chips it is not a healthy food anymore.Best foods to keep in your fridge

  • Hummus

This is a Middle Eastern dish and it is made  with peas, garlic and oil(olive oil) and it’s low in fat and calories and rich in fibre and protein. Chickpeas can be good for people with cardiac problems like high pressure and also for people with diabetes.

Nutrition and foods are well connected, you must read and learn all the time, for example, related to the hummus you also can lower your cholesterol and if you don’t have it with pita chips and use veggies like cucumbers, carrots or even cherry tomatoes, it will be good for you weight.

  • Eggs

Eggs have amino acids that our body needs for making our cells work. They are, also, filled with nutrients like vitamin D and not many foods have it. And also is a food that you can buy it with just a few cents.

  • Kale

It’s a green vegie , one of the most nutrient-dens food and it has only 33 calories per 2.5 ounce. Ypu can have it as a quick side dish for chicken or beef. You can sautee it with chopped onion in olive oil and so you have an easy and fast dish.

  • Seltzer

Regarding healthy nutrition benefits, sugary drinks are filled with calories and have low nutritional value. So, seltzer is a great replacement and also is helping your diet. It’s fizzy, you can have it with a little flavour and has few calories. So you can replace your sugary drinks with it.

  • 100% Fruit Juice

Fresh squeezed juice is a good source of vitamins and minerals. But, it’s also high on sugar so you can have to many fresh juices on a day because it’s not good for your health or weight. You can soft it by adding  seltzer so you’ll get an soft drink with few calories. Sometimes can be a pleasure to make it, try to have fresh fruits all the time and the correct electronic accessories and products, one good recommendation for every european consumer can be to search and to shop genuine accessories and kitchen gadgets from Bazaar Gadgets online store.

  • Plain Yogurt

Yogurt is a meal loaded with calcium, full of high quality protein and probiotics. Probiotics, are bacterias good for our body . studies shown that  people who eat yogurt often are less likely to have heart disease or weight problems. You can add fruits or granola or you can replace sour cream with it on your desserts and stews.nutrition and foods

  • Celery

Celery is full of fiber , vitamin A , potassium and calcium and is perfect for stocks , salads or even as a seasoning when you cook chicken, beef or other meals.

You can have as itself, or you can spread peanut butter or hummus and so your weight won’t suffer.

  • Whole-Wheat Tortillas

Whole wheat tortillas are low in calories and fat and ready fast. Sautee vegetables that you have it in your fridge with some onion and olive oil and throw it in a can of beans. Put it on a heated tortilla, add some salsa , shredded cheese or whatever flavour you wantt and you have a fast and healthy meal for you and your friend or family. For more information please feel free to read more at

  • Cabbage

It seems humble, but cabbage is more useful that you think. It is filled with fiber and mineral such as potasiium, magnesium and even vitamin C. it’s good for coleslaw and other salads and also very good steamed as a side dish. You can replace bread with it and so is a great help for you when you want to cut back some calories in orther to lose some weight.

  • Fresh Pasta

It’s simple and quick to cook and can be used as a side dish or as a main course. It’s has a low glycemic index and that means that lets the sugar into your bloodstream more slowly tnat other foods. That helps your health.

  • Avocado

Avocado is full of fat , but don’t worry is “good” fat, that kind of fat that helps your heart and cholesterol levels. Is a delicious food with eggs or spread it on whole grain toast with salt and pepper. So try to have it always in your fridge.

  • Berries

These fruits are low in calories and very high in nutrinets, antioxidants and fiber  all very good for your heat and brain and also protective against some cancers. They are also very delicious and you can use them in salads or yougurt or eat them as they are for a delicious dessert.

Try as much as you can to leave a healthy life in order to have a long a beautiful one. Try to have regular meals and have exercise as often as you can and not to lose nights. All of these together help you to stay healthy and why not, happier than other people.

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