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Detox And Cleanse: Tips On A Successful 10 Day Detox And Cleanse Program

If you want to have permanent and consistent weight loss there are a few factors that you have to take into consideration, and a few tips that you should adhere to for the best results, including detox and cleanse top-rated recommendations.

Lots of people start a cleansing and detox program because they want to lose weight, makes sense? But most of the programs available today don’t actually result in you losing fat, or permanent weight loss.

Taking a 10 day detox and cleanse is becoming a frequent occurrence among many people who have been blasted with the benefits of this type of weight loss, detox and cleanse method by the media. However, it is unwise to attempt this approach to purely lose weight.

Weight Loss Detox and Cleanse

The ultimate aim should be to use it as a part of your extensive health and well-being and a side-effect of this would likely be a loss of unwanted fat on your body. Most know that to achieve and preserve a good weight loss is not easy, nor is it easy to keep it off.Weight loss detox and cleanse

The best way to maintain a healthy weight is to change your eating patterns and often your lifestyle. There is not anything that takes ten days that will have a long-lasting effect on your body.

You should approach a 10 day detox and cleanse diet as a beginning, not a miracle cure.

Why would you need a detox?

If you have noticed you have mood swings, digestive problems, headaches, dull hair and skin, bad breath or are tired all the time – then getting started with a 10 day detox will certainly help you feel revitalized.

If you decide to start this type of aggressive detoxification, and then be warned, the worse your diet was before you start, the worse the initial effects may be, so here are a couple of tips.

Before you embark on this type of program you need to prepare your body properly. Your liver is the major organ involved in eliminating toxins and it should be in optimum condition.

The fact that you are considering a 10 day detox means your liver probably is not that healthy! Before you embark on this course do try and cut out as much tobacco, alcohol and caffeine and the more heavily processed foods and certainly takeaways as you can. You will reduce any potential side-effects of your planned detox by doing this.

If you work a 9-5, Monday to Friday job, start your 10 day detox and cleanse on a Saturday, and do not plan anything strenuous over the weekend. Go for a gentle ambling stroll if you feel like it, but a sprint is out of the question!

Be prepared to feel tired, have a headache and to be generally washed out.

If you feel like a power nap during the day have one, but not for long as it may affect your night-time sleep patterns.

Following a 10 day detox, cut yourself a bit of slack and relax your program a bit. Whatever you do, do not go back to what you were doing before the detox, or it will have been a waste of time. Rome was not built in a day and your system and mindset will not change completely in ten days either.


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    Like you already mentioned in this article, it is very important to identify those factors with high importance for our life style and daily habits. I have tried many recommendations but all the time I make a good research about what is safe to use.

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